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Dr. Ruel - We have sent you some recent photos so you can see how well Tookie is doing since we haven't had to bring her in for any treatments lately.  Now you can compare them with the before pictures we gave you when we started her treatments.  Please feel free to share them as a testament to the amazing results we have seen since utilizing the Bicom therapy.

Bryan and I feel the Bicom has proved to be the greatest alternative treatment for Tookie's severe chronic allergies.  After completing therapy this past October and having you run blood work a few weeks ago to check Tookie's liver, kidney and thyroid, we were elated to find her levels were right on mark in the normal range with no elevations.

In the past we have lost many of our kitties to kidney failure watching them suffer after having repeated shots and constant doses of antibiotics. 

We are so happy to have found you and discover that the Bicom hasn't had any detrimental side effects in comparison to the many of the traditional type treatments. Again, we can't thank you enough.  Tookie hasn't looked this good in years and is actually happy and playful again.  At present, we feel she is at 85% and enjoying remission from her chronic symptoms that she has suffered with for the past 8 years. Many thanks and blessings to you and Bicom.    ~ Gina, Bryan and Tookie from Bellingham, MA    November 2012

My dog Nellie developed severe seasonal allergies when she was a young dog.  She would start exhibiting symptoms the beginning of August and they would last for a few weeks following the first frosts of the season. Her allergies wold become so severe that her entire chest, face, paws, and inside of her legs would become red and raw from chewing and scratching. She would scratch virtually all of the time to the point that she would chew and scratch through the night.  The only thing that would ease her symptoms was Prednisone during the season.  We had taken her to an allergist at Tufts who's only solution would have been very invasive allergy testing and potentially a serum.  This would have been painful, costly, and it was not clear if this would solve the problem.

Dr. Ruel introduced us to the Bicom therapy for potential treatment of her allergies.  As we did not have other viable alternatives, we decided to give this a try. We started this several years ago.  Each year we have seen increasingly improved results from this therapy.  Her symptoms have been greatly reduced and the amount and length of time requiring her treatment to be augmented with preseason declined each year.  This year we had the best results with her chewing/scratching perhaps 10% of the time versus 90%+, limited raw/redness, and we have been able to treat primarily with OTC Benedryl.  Our use of Prednisone became limited to about once a week.

I would highly recommend the Bicom treatment for allergies in a pet.  The results for our dog are dramatic and continue to improve over time.  It is at the point where it is barely noticeable versus previously when her quality of life during the allergy season was very poor.     ~ Patti in Cumberland, RI    November 2012

We are writing this letter as a means of recommendation and gratitude for the treatment offered our dog, Tucker, an eight year old Brittany Spaniel.  Tucker was diagnosed with Lyme disease back in the fall of 2009.  He had been treated for the condition with what we understood to be the "routine" treatment of large doses of antibiotics.  This had an immediate effect - but was, within a few short weeks, seen to be only a temporary fix.  His symptoms returned at dramatic a level as they had first appeared. We went through one repeat of this treatment and again the symptoms returned.

We learned of the Bicom 2000 and were immediately drawn to this option as we were very concerned about having to keep Tucker on antibiotics for what would apparently be a very long time, if not for the remainder of his life.  We visited Dr Ruel's office with Tucker initially to determine the cause of his symptoms and the general nature of his health.  The Bicom 2000 magnetic resonance equipment was used to understand the full extent of his condition and to determine the course of action required.  After three visits, three treatments and some small vitamin additions to Tucker's diet, he has (as of this writing March 2012) never exhibited any signs of the issue and lives a very full and active life.

It has now been two ad one-half years with no indications at all that the Lyme disease has returned or ever will return. I would unreservedly recommend this treatment to any dog owner/lover.  ~ Peter and Carolyn in Cumberland, RI   March 2012

Our cat, Princeton, is a 15 year old orange short hair who has led a normal life until last fall.  At that time, we had noticed a period of weight loss followed by severe bloating in the abdomen.  We had prior negative experiences with local veterinarian services so we called Dr. Ruel after we ha seen her ads about home visits in our local paper.  She came to our home to evaluate Princeton.  This visit determined that there was a large degree of fluid that had to be drained. This was due to a serious liver condition that would most likely prove fatal within a relatively short period of time. this began a series of multiple visits to drain nearly 3 pounds of fluid from her abdomen every three weeks.

We were nearing the point of having to make a very unfortunate decision regarding continuing care when Dr. Ruel told us about her entering training for the Bicom 2000 process of medicine for veterinarians.  We decided to investigate the option, as continuing currently available procedures would not have given us much more time with our beloved Princeton. We trusted Dr. Ruel's opinion a great deal. She has always been up front with us about our cat's care and was very supportive to that point.

What can we say? Four treatments and four months later, Princeton is eating normally, has gone from a five pound and very frail girl who produced more than half her body weight every three weeks in excess fluid from a failing liver to a 7 pound, lively lady who has her energy, appetite and even her sleek coat back. The process has been amazing to watch. The visits have been not only pain free but Princeton, who is normally somewhat jittery around new situations, is relaxed and even seems to enjoy the treatments.

Dr. Ruel has been a great advocate for our cat's health.  She has been honest with us about the process, about the percentages of success and has allowed us to make our decisions after giving us a complete picture of what we faced.  What we have witnessed would have been almost unbelievable had we not seen in with our own eyes.

We recommend Dr. Ruel and her Bicom 2000 process to anyone who is similarly facing a difficult situation with a pet's health. We have never had such a supportive veterinarian who genuinely cares about our pets and we have complete faith in her ability to do what is possible for them. What we have witnessed speaks strongly to the potential that both the new process and the loving care that Dr. Ruel provides each of her patients.   ~ Stuart and Audrey of North Attleboro, MA  April 2008