Dr. Paula Ruel
About Dr. Paula Ruel


A veterinarian is your pet’s second-best friend.

Veterinary House Calls opened in 1991 offering preventative health maintenance and integrative treatment modalities.  The primary focus of my practice is to service your pet in their own environment.  If surgery and dental prophylaxis is required, I maintain an outpatient facility in my home on Tuesday's.  Education and communication is the number one goal in establishing success in my practice.  It is important that the more I can teach you about the proper care of your pet, the healthier they will be.

My practice reflects a vision of optimal health and it can be accomplished in countless ways.  Veterinary House Calls invites not only traditional western therapies, but alternative and complimentary services as well.  The use of nutritional supplementation is foremost in prevention of disease.  Secondary non-invasive treatment protocols will be available soon which will allow diagnosis and treatment options.  I am also a registered nurse and work alongside Boston-area health professionals in changing the paradigm of wellness for people.  These professional degrees provide a unique perspective on the overall well-being and health of both animals and people.

As a house call practitioner, there are many advantages provided to your pets; however, I do not provide critical emergency services, radiologic or ultrasonic studies.  If a specialist is required, I don't hesitate to refer my patients to a specialist for further consultation.

The vision is to ensure my patients live a long and healthy life as is humanely possible.   By examining your pet in his/her environment, I am able to obtain a more thorough evaluation of any existing or potential problems/diseases.

A very important service provided by Veterinary House Calls is at-home euthanasia.  When it is time to make the difficult decision to say goodbye, individuals prefer to do this in a soft, non-sterile and loving environment - their pet's home.

Because I am a mobile veterinarian, clients do not access my practice in the traditional ways.  Generally, the practice is open Monday through Friday, 7:00 am to 10:00 pm for calls to make appointments, answer questions, or for triage in emergency situations.  I am not always available but if you leave a message at (508) 520-1781, I will return your call within 24 hours.  A cell phone is available to call during hours when I am on the road.  If you do not hear from me within 24 hours and it is an emergency, please go immediately and directly to any emergency facility.  Otherwise, please call back as I may not have received your call or am out of the area.  If your call is urgent, 7:00 am and 10:00 pm are sure shots!